We make the best burgers in town

Our Burgers are made to taste as great as they look. We use fresh ingredients and make our own patties and sauces. 

Burgers, Kabobs, & Wraps.

Burgers & Wraps Come With Fries



Fresh Ingredients

Made with natural ingredients

Fresh Ingredients

Our food is always made with fresh ingredients and always made to order. No Pre-cooked meats… ever!

Fresh Bread

Forgetaboutit… without Fresh Bread, nothing tastes good. 

Quality Cheese

There’s nothing wrong with using plane American Cheese, but we prefer to use real thick sliced Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, and sometimes Gouda on our burgers. 

Original Flavors

If it’s gonna taste like them, then why serve it? We make our own sauces and seasonings. That’s not only the fun part, but it’s what makes Kooby’s Original.  

Sleek Onions

Our Onions are cut sleek, and sometimes hidden under melted cheese, creating a half grilled and half raw taste. 

100% All Ground Beef

We use 100% all beef freshly ground meat.


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About Us

Best Med-American ideas & traditions from the World

Our restaurant specializes in homestyle Med-American cuisine. We provide a wide range of menu items that are always made fresh to order. Our meals are packed to the brim with grilled protein, fresh vegetables and homemade sauces. We only use the highest quality ingredients fresh, never frozen chicken, marinated sirloin steak, wild-caught salmon, grilled to perfection over an open fire. No microwaves, no frying, no artificial additives… but most importantly, the key ingredient, we serve you as if we are serving our own family with the care and passion of a healthy meal.

We set out to create a home cooked meal with bold, amazing flavors at the traditional fast food speed. Today, our famous white meat chicken kabob wraps and plates are helping Kooby fans enjoy the best of Med-American cuisine anytime you want.

Where's Kooby's

Oh No! Sorry you missed us, but we are now closed. Please Check Store Hours.